Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Field Report: TRU 1U

Reported from member, it was 50 cartons restocked in Toy R Us 1 Utama last Saturday (10th Jan). The scalpers have hit the store on the same day.

Demonicle visited the place on the following day still found some left-over. He was told by the Manager that all stocks are on display, nothing kept in the store room.

He spend an hour to have nice models sorted on the top of the display for the convenient, as you can see, there are plenty of yellow NSX and Evo 7 out for grab.

His hard work earned him 2 regular Treasure Hunt Drift King and 2 VW Fastback. Each box contained a Fastback on the current short packing, it is not hard to guess where were those gone to.

The massive restocked will last the store for a while given the quantity and price. If you nearby the place no harm visit while the assortment still wide.

Credits: Demonicle on the report and pictures.

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1 comment:

hwright said...

I have heard from a lot of collectors that a group of collectors went to 1u requested the storekeeper to open up the case.

Hello, be gentleman, don't grab what you all want, selfishness and greediness is one of the main attititute on our local hotwheel collectors.

This is no more a collector market, it is a BLACK MARKET collection.

Do you think Dominicle so kind to do it, market have been spread a lot on him, all the valuble item, he will collect 10 set each.

What is the main priciple , policy and rule to be HWCMalaysia members ?