Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Field Report: 10th December 2008

Litt Tak Sg. Wang
#3 Toyota Mega Cruiser Patrol Car
#4 Honda VFR Police Bike
#31 Nissan Diesel Quon
#37 Coca-Cola Event Car (White Head, discontinued)
#44 Mazda RX-8 Patrol Car
#96 RX-8
2006 GT Series YellowHatspan
2006 GT Series Calsonic Impul Z
TL0077 Fire Engine
TL0087 Mazda Cosmo AP
TL0088 Lexus 430
TL0093 Toyota Levin
Honda Showroom (last Piece)

Jusco, Mid Valley
D-17 Disney Mickey Mouse Subaru 360 R (Limited Edition)

TRU, Mid Valley
3 Boxes Hot Wheels restored, No T-Hunt found
AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM (Orange)
Tooned Enzo Ferrari (Red)
Ferrari FXX (Yellow)
Volkswagen New Bettle Cup (Volkswagen Team)
'32 Ford Delivery
Go Kart (Green)
Saleen S7 (Yellow)

Buy 4 Me Service
I had replied many enquiries after the field reports were released. Most of the questions were asked whether I sell those models. I do not sell any regular models anymore, but those I customized were put on the Ebay for International collectors.

However, this is now possible with help from my friend who travel around the areas who has 1st access to these models. Especially for those stay out station are unlikely to have it while it already finished in Klang Valley distributions.

To make this possible, you will need to arrangement with him on the models wanted and the delivery method. A special account was created for him to keep anonymous requirement, buy4me(at)toycarsmy(dot)com.

All purchases are make on behalf with the available stocks, you will not pay extra but on market retailer price. Postage fee will be charged based on the postage type you selected. Nevertheless, I leave it to you guys for your arrangement, if you want me involve please cc me in the email.


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Eugene T. said...

wow your friend is awfully generous, and he does wants to stay anonymous too. thumbs up to him!