Thursday, December 4, 2008

Featured Car: Matchbox Smart ForTwo

This Smart ForTwo is one the most wanted model of the 7 Eleven treasure hunt list. Many of the collectors still kept it carded, but mine opened for a "special" reason.

Why so rare for this little car? Each Matchbox carton contained 1 unit of it, but every 7E outlets will not received more than 2 carton during this promotion period.

I scored nothing on second day search, but my friend managed to find 2 only after go through many outlets. None on the display, but he asked shopkeepers for the balance in the stock.

The 7E promotion suppose to run for 4 weeks, but the stocks consumption is going way too fast by looking at the current speed. All nice models have gone but leave all the common models behind.

Verdict: This is the smallest Matchbox I have to date.

I like:
- Small and cute.
- Topless.

I Dislike:
- Bad colours combination, Tomica did it better.
- Too plain for the back, should have some detailing for the back lights.

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Eugene T. said...

in some cases, i have seen two smart fortwo. it usually is in the case with the green vw taxi and hauler. :-)

Toycarsmy said...

Hmm, correction, 1 to 2 Smart fortwo per 7 E Store.

Anonymous said...

I've just found only 01 in all shops of my city until now. Luckily, it belongs to me... :P

aris tee said...

I found one by chance... never knew it was hard to find. I thought it was a common new model lolz~

Mr Skull said...

Yellow one got more detailing :)
still looking for blue one thou.....saw someone got it already....