Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trick: How To Remove Price Label

Most of the departmental stores stick price labels for customer easier reference. But is will relatively "damage" your collections if you plan to resale it in the future.

For me, I hate price label cards, but if I peel it will either damage or stay with some sticky stains on the card itself.

This problem has been resolved until recently I found this trick. Last Monday when I passed by Jusco toy section, 2 ladies staff was replacing the price label with the discounted price tag by this method. My observation, It is quite simple to do it if you know what you are doing.

Before: Maisto Assembly Line Card with Jusco Price Tag

Heating up the price tag with lighter, remove the price tag slowly.

After: It's gone!!!

- Try few rounds 1st before your do it on your collections.
- Heat with blue fire, otherwise will have "smoked" effect on cards.
- Heat-up slowly, do not overdoing, you certainly do not need flaming collections.
- Peel the sticker while it still heated, otherwise reheat again.
- Alternatively, you can try hair dryer, or better still hot air gun.


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Fred.F said...
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3POINT8 said...

This is a pretty pretty trick!

Fred.F said...

lighter fluid ! LIGHTER FLUID FOR ZIPPO LIGHTERS , NOT BARBECUE FLUID very careful when soaking the price tag . let it get wet then try to raise a corner and gently peal away . let dry before wetting again to remove the sticky crap . it is possible to dig in and rip cardback so be careful. RICH

Eugene T. said...

neat trick! the one i usually see is lighter fluid.

does it work for very very old price tags too?

Fred.F said...

work on my vintage star wars figure (1980)

Anonymous said...

Can we use a hair dryer for avoiding any damages????