Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hidden Number, what does it means?

You often see this stamp numbers at the back of the box, have you wonder what does it means?

See pictures below, the last 2 digit is the manufacturing year, and the 1st few should be the batch number (can someone confirm this?). Not to forget, the ST number in the box is the release year of the model.

Example 1, ST 04 and J2907, this means model release in year 2004 and reproduced in 2007.

Example 2, ST 08 and H0108, the answer is straight forward, released 2008, produced in 2008.

Does it benefit you by knowing how to interpret these numbers? The benefits could be vary from people to people, maybe you can tell whether the model you purchased is 1st release or reproduction.

To me, it helps me to decide based on the condition of the model and box. An example, If you see 2 of the same model with ST06 H0106 and ST06 J2108 with same condition, which one would you buy?

I properly will choose the 1st one due to its original 1st production of the model. With the later drop quality in the reproduction H2 and Pikachu, this has strengthen my believe in the original 1st release. ☺YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Good lesson.. Thanks Mr. Yeo!