Friday, November 7, 2008

NotAboutToy: Hey Blogger What You Looking For??

This post is dedicated to upcoming, new and exiting blogger. Please skip this If you are already have successful in the field with over million hits so far.

Let me keep it short and simple, the following context, I would like to share my experience after blogging for 6 months, hope this will give you some clues how to move forward.

Run Blog like a business
If you intended to start a blog, or you already running one, I guess your intention is to make it popular.

This is a question you need to ask why there is existent of your blog. You blog need to have unique selling point and market position to be presented in this Internet space. You need to know your target market customers, what do they want actually.

You need to treat your blog like a product and readers as customers. As this I will translate your blog hits as your sales volume. You as the product sale person will responsible to shape your product fits to customers needs. Fail to do this, your blog will be just the other blog in the Internet.

Review Your Blog
Nothing will stay unchanged forever, you need to review whether there is any insufficient or improvement you can do to keep your readers excited.

If you following my blog since day one, it is not difficult to notice I reviewed and evolved myself regularly. I try to add more elements to increase involvement of readers to my blog, from ShareYourThought to GiveItAway recently.

Your Commitment
You need to commit to your readers If you really serious in this. Think twice if you do it just because others are doing it, it will just wasted your time if you decide to give up later.

Allocate or schedule time for blogging, sit back and think what you want to write. A good post will need not less than 45 minutes to complete. You may find difficult in the beginning, practice will make things better.

After been wrote for near 300 posts, I still allocate myself not less than 1 hour daily on blogging. From idea, pictures taking, editing to posting, each post I spend 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Set A Target
To keep your momentum going forward, you need to set targets to achieve. Target can be number of hits of your visitors or money generates from your advert. It doesn't matter which type of targets, as long as it helps you moving forward, or in the word, self motivation.

Toycarsmy started since 12th May, my page view from as low as 100 weekly to now 7800 hits monthly. I set myself target a target 10,000 hits monthly, and I still preaching what I mentioned above to achieve target that I set.

Please don't just blog simply because others is blogging, you need to find yourself reasons why you blog. But once you started, you need to do it with full hearted.

Lastly, I may left out something as now is 1:15AM in the morning, you may say I'm not in the position to advice, but it is just my two cents.

Do share your view with me, cheers. YeoCP//

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Melvin said...

Thanks for your sharing on how we should focus on our Blog. Each blogger should have there vision & mission. I agree with you. I took longer time to prepare a post, becoz I'm slow hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, Mr. Yeo! You are the first blogger I found when I need more information about Toy Cars and you are the first person I traded with. Very appreciate!

With me, very simple, I just want to share my hobby with everybody. Photography, write short brief then posting. Sometime I receive comments, sometime no comments but no problems, the most important thing to me is I can "feel" that I shared my hobby with everybody already.

Cheers! Keep blogging :)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Blogging became a necessity for me, at first, i had a free website that i can place my collection, so that whenever i'm toyhunting, i can access my collection online wherever i am. But the website was difficult to update regulary, so i switched to a blog type site. It also occured to me that i can post my customs too, so i can show other collectors that these cars can be customized to their liking also.

Yeo was one of the first collector that visited and admired my simple collection and customs.

Cheers Yeo! :-)