Thursday, November 27, 2008

Featured Car: Ferrari Racer FXX

I would like to add a little more details on this Ferrari Racer FXX model 6/24.

Although I already have all 3 colours (Yellow, Black and Red) of FXX released in 2008 First Edition, it can't stop me to have this FXX in Ferrari Racer series.

All rounded It is built more carefully compared to the FE (First Edition), from colour, tempo to wheels are thoroughly selected.

Front and back is filled with details, lights, exhausts and logos can be clear seen. Not to forget, both front, back engine cover and fuel cap are nicely done too.

You may think it just use back the Red FXX FE with added details, you are absolutely wrong. The tempo looked similar but is definately in different quality. I unable to show you the differences, but, hardcore collectors like you should able to tell by having them side by side.

For FE FXX, I'm sure It does not have this side No. 5 stickers and Ferrari logo. The double star wheels just same with the FE but the red rings and rod tell it actually more expensive.

So what next? I still waiting for the FXX model on 14/24. I have no clue how it looks like, since red colour has out, it should likely in black colour version. We shall see it soon, perhaps, keep your fingers cross. ☺YeoCP//

- Model: Ferrari Racer FXX 6/24
- Price: RM12.90
- P/N: N8092-0519

I like:
- FXX, and it is Ferrari red

I dislike:
- None, but would Mattel consider rubber version?

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ADVedder said...

how u make your car shiny?

PrawnKing said...

we got the 1:43 scales ones here.. 6 models only