Sunday, November 9, 2008

Featured Car: Ferrari Enzo 1/64

This is my favorite Ferrari Enzo in 1:64 scale with rubber tyres, it is neither Hot Wheels, nor my latest modification works. It is from Maisto Assemble Line Ferrari Series.

I got it from Jusco last Friday with 20% discount, RM14.30, slightly more expensive than the Hot Wheels Ferrari Series.

This is an official Ferrari product, Ferrari certificate is stick reverse side of the package. Each package content 13 parts, from casting, base, wheels, tyres, wind screens, screws and screw driver.

The size of the casting somewhat bigger than the Hot Wheels, the surface is smooth and the paint finishing is nicely done. The plastic base is simply with Ferrari Enzo and Maito words written.

Real rubber tyres with bigger wheels rods. The assembly of the models took me 5 minutes to complete, the steps weren't complicated but just put everything together and tighten with 2 supplied screws.

End result, nice colour, nice wheels and nice casting.

The Ferrari emblem printed at the back similar to Hot Wheels Enzo Treasure Hunt, but little more details.

Side by side with Hot Wheels Exotic Enzo. Maisto win with rubber tyres and smooth casting.

The back equally sexy and nicely done.

I Like:
- Quality, nice colour, smooth casting, details and rubber tyres.
- Fun assembly process.
- Wheels can donor to others diecast, not drill needed.
- Cheaper than Maisto similar range sold at RM19.90, don't mind need to DIY.

I Dislike:
- Big gab between wheels and wheels arch.
- Unsmooth ride, rubbers do not mean faster.

- The selling point of this assembly line series allows collectors experience the assembly process. However, I feel these models not so suitable for young kids, needs some strength to tight the screws to the body.

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1 comment:

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

i like it a lot Yeo!
but it would be better if it had clear windows. Hope it reach our shores too! :)