Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Featured Car: #14, Komatsu Anti-Personnel Landmine Demining Equipment D85MS

This White colour bulldozer was released together with the Noodles Truck in September, some background of the as below.

The D85MS was release as commemoration of the joint efforts between Kotmatsu and Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS), a nonprofit organization of Japan on agreement to jointly demine anti-personnel landmines in the contaminated regions and reconstruct local communities after demining.

The first full-scale community reconstruction project which spans from landmine removal to community redevelopment has embarked in Battambang District, Cambodia in July this year.

Scheduled for completion by the end of March 2009, this project calls for demining areas for a total of 37 hecters, repair of roads, construction of reservoirs and channels, and repair of a school building.

The demining machine is operate remotely, the operator controls it behind protective shield over the wireless controller.

The machine capable of clearing some 500 square meters an hour, rotates rollers with spikes attached (rotary cutters) to crush and explode anti-personnel landmines in the ground.

I Like:
-Realistic and heavy feel.
-Moveable rubber wheels chain and rotary spike cutter.
-1st casting for the model, worth collecting.

I Dislike:
-Minor stains on my unit, not sure is that due to QC?

The D85MS-15 in operation in Cambodia

The base shows the model is 2008 1st casting.

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