Monday, October 20, 2008

Featured Collection: Police Station, Tomica Town

Together with the Gas Station set (see the Eneos Gas Station post) from Ah Beng, this is the other set from him, Tomica Town Police Station, purchased from Litt Tak Hobby Shop at RM39.90. Despite slower market coming, I think he is still a power hauler.

Due to don't have a patrol or police model during the photo shooting, I temporary using the Skyline safety display on my desk. Or maybe you can treat the policeman works as part time safety car driver during his off-duty day, drift and catch thief on the race circuit. ☺YeoCP//

Tomica Town courtesy of Ah Beng

Front view of the police station

Side door and front door able to open

Changeable counter

Packaging of the police station

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