Thursday, October 16, 2008

Featured Collection: Eneos Gas Station, Tomica Town

This is a new Tomica Town set has arrived to Litt Tak recently. So far only limited set were displayed in the Hobby Shop, don't worry soon it will available in most major chained-store like the Honda Showroom before at RM69.90 each set.

Thanks to Ah Beng for lend me this Eneos Station for photo shooting, more photos are attached below. ☺YeoCP//

Tomica Town courtesy of Ah Beng

Top view of the station

The other view of the station

Nozzle able to lift up

Car wash station movable, sponge will turn together

Petrol type changeable, 3 types available

Service Room, door able to open and close

Sorry Shell Cars not welcome :)

Packaging of the Eneos Town Set

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Anonymous said...

Wow, quite cheap for this Tomica Town... :D

Melvin said...

I tot you saw the gas station at Litt Tak retail shop when u collect your CTR last week.