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Monday, October 13, 2008

Featured Collection: Custom-Made Tomytec Town

Have you ever think how real can a dioramas be? See what have been produced by the expect for replica Singapore and Hong Kong dioramas.

Click pictures for bigger view. ☺YeoCP//

Pictures courtesy of William Chan

Tomytec Singapore Town

Tomytec Hon Kong Town

The pictures are produced by special tilt shift Len and saturated colour setting on the camera made the real scenery looked like artificial.

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Tom said...

Unbelievable, realistic world in hand!!!

Starscream said...

100% real models or part photoshop? Agree it is quality stuff, enjoyable!

benpaul said...

LOL!!! are u SERIOUS!!! DAMNNN! the HongKong dioramas and vehicles look SO REAL! especially the construction setting and the wedding e-class merc!!

Eugene T. said...

holy crap. this guy can build a mini world for himself with skills like that. superb, superb skills.

are the cars tomica cars?

PrawnKing said...

guys... all these are real photos... just the lens and some color saturation done...

Eugene T. said...

oops, didnt read the fine print there. >.<

brilliant said...

where can we get to buy tomytec prods?

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