Friday, October 3, 2008

Featured Car: Custom Tomica Isuzu ELF IKea Truck

My simple customization work done over the Raya Holiday. Some background of this customization.

The start of this idea was due to my last visit to Ikea last weekend with my parents. My father was interested with the yellow Ikea truck printed on the poster for their delivery service. I search through Interest, but there isn't any such toy sold by Ikea.

As such, I have no choice to fabricate one for my father. Maybe I shouldn't say this is customization, instead this is just add on to the original #83 Tomica Isuzu ELF Sagawa-Exp. The add-on process took me less than 30 minutes to complete, I hope he will love this. ☺YeoCP//

Original Yellow Truck by IKEA

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1 comment:

Starscream said...

Liked your Forklift loading of cargo into the IKEA truck but i'm sure the truck doors will break first.. haha :D good one!