Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to the dark side

This post is dedicated to TKT and HotWheels4Kids.

My previous post immediately turned havoc after TKT name was mentioned, the whole situation changed to firing mode.

I do not know TKT personally, but I pity him as a firing object. I wondering how many people know who TKT is, but at least thousands of readers from 60 countries knew his name since yesterday.

Connections a.k.a. insiders are happened everywhere in our society, from buying a house, a car, a stock, a school seat and now a toy car.

The reason been is because the demand is way higher than the supply, people have to seek for connections to get their stuff, and money is one type of return. You can’t eliminate insiders because they are always people willing to pay for higher price.

The reality to this hobby is, whoever has more time and money he will win the game. Hot Wheels collection requires a lot of hunting time to look from stores to stores, site to site. A good model will cost you higher when you purchase from someone, a very good example is Ebay, you almost can buy any models you like if you willing to pay the price.

Despite been a firing target, but you fellow friends have already speak on behalf. Without been good relationship with them you can’t win them by your side. But, maybe you should consider tone down a bit to reduce jealousy from others.

To HotWheels4Kids,
I can tell you try to mess around in my blog, and later in the forum, and I’m not sure what is your intention behind. Since you have officially quite the forum, I think the chaotic should end here today.

If you still want to voice your thinking, please write in to ShareYourThought and I will publish it out. Please don’t use F words as it will be filtered by Hotmail spam filter.

To the rest of collectors,
Malaysia is undergoing a very tough situation whereby our economy will go very very low. This is added with our current political situation where our government being no time to take cares our country.

A lot of retrenchments, VSS, bankruptcies and winding up are coming ahead. Please save as much as you can, as you can’t use your Hot Wheels to pay for your car and housing installment.

Lastly, please do spare some nice models on shelf if you see them a lot. As you and me know hunting also part of the excitement to our hobby.


[Sorry dude, comment is off]

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