Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Wheels Designer’s Challenge Series

Is it 1st time Mattel invited designers from automotive manufactures to design and create an original Hot Wheels vehicle.

The Designer’s Challenge was created as a way for Hot Wheels to honor its automotive partners and have them actively participate in the die-cast brand’s 40th anniversary celebration in 2008. The selected designs will be the basis of a new 40th anniversary Designer’s Challenge product line.

The participated automotive manufacturer participants in the Hot Wheels Designer’s Challenge are Dodge, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Lotus and Mitsubishi. They were tasked with designing a car that captured the die-cast brand’s core essence of speed, power, performance and attitude, while also encompassing the distinct attributes of each company's automotive brand values.

Hot Wheels Designer’s Challenge line include:
Dodge XP-07 (Dodge, designed by Marc Reisen)
Gangster Grin™ (Ford, designed by Steve Gilmore)
Chevroletor (General Motors, designed by Amaury Diaz-Serrano)
Honda Racer (Honda, designed by Guillermo Gonzalez)
Lotus Concept (Lotus, designed by Russell Carr)
Mitsubishi Double Shotz (Mitsubishi, designed by Gary Ragle)
HW-40™ (Hot Wheels®, designed by Jun Imai)

[Source: Mattel]

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