Sunday, August 10, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Coca-Cola Trucks Part 2

Continue from my earlier post on Coca-Coca Trucks in regular series, here is the box set on the beverage trucks.

The set I got it from a friend during his business visit in Hong Kong. The set was sold at HKD115.00, after conversion is about RM48.20. Quite reasonable price for about RM12.00 each model.

Litt Tak did not bring this set to Malaysia, with the expiration of Coca-Cola contract with Tomica, it will be harder for it to available in Malaysia nowadays. Cheers, YeoCP//

Models Details:
Toyota Probox
Toyota Coaster
Nissan Diesel Quon
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

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Anonymous said...

The city will look nicer if we have these truck on the road.

mouthsky1117 said...

are you planning to sell this set?