Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update: Hot Wheels Jan ~ Apr 08 Release

New Hotwheels released in 1st quarter, some already on shelf. It usually take 3 to 4 months to make available.

2008 Team: Exotics – Zotic®

2008 All Stars – Tooned® Enzo Ferrari

2008 All Stars - Nissan Skyline

2008 Treasure Hunts – ’70 Plymouth® Road Runner

2008 New Models - 2008 Lancer Evolution

2008 All Stars – Honda Civic Si

2008 Mystery™ Cars - Ford Mustang GT Concept

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Anonymous said...

I've got some of them already: Zotic, Tooned Enzo Ferrari, Lancer Evo.. I will try to find Honda Civic Si and Ford Mustang GT Concept.. they are so beatiful... About the T-Hunt Plymouth, I think I cannot even see them in Vietnam, how can I grab them? :(

Toycarsmy said...

Let me source for you if I see any.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mr. Yeo. If you need Lancer Evolution, I can source it for you.

Eugene T. said...

I have yet to see the last four on the shelves yet. Hopefully I will get one unit of each soon.