Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Tomica expensive in Malaysia?

Recently Litt Tak has just adjusted Tomica selling price, the price is raised from RM7.90 to RM12.90 have great impact to our buying power.

We have been enjoyed lower price for some times, but is RM12.90 expensive? We need to compare with other countries for the answer.

Japan, JPY360.00 = MYR11.00
Hong Kong, HKD28.00 = MYR11.70
Singapore, SGD4.90 = MYR11.70

Despite living standard in these countries are higher, their selling price still 11% cheaper than Malaysia. Of course, Litt Tak has considered all factors before set the selling price. Or they have anticipated buyers will be more selective in choosing the models.

Perhaps Litt Tak should run more promotions or increase awarness to stimulate the buying desire. Otherwise, it will just the other die-cast models in the market. Certainly, reduce the selling price will be a better idea. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Paanjang16 said...

I think LT raised the price without much thought IMHO. First of all the old stocks were very stagnant and the new price will make them move even slower. Then their marketing team never do any research into the type of models which will sell well, which unfortunately even Mattel fails to do. I dun mind high price, as long as there are good/new models, easily available and the price is reasonable compared to Nippon or Singapore. What LT should have done is stocks will go over to the old/discounted price after a while, at the same time the newly arrive cars can sell at RM 12.90. Much like clearance sale for previous models.

Anonymous said...

Price of Tomica in Vietnam raised also from nearly 2USD to nearly 3USD... :( Too expensive with Vietnamese life standard... Tomica is far far way... :(