Friday, July 18, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels 2008 Ferrari Collection

All these Ferrari cars are real rare to find.

Lately the market is really quite for the new wave. Merchandise are quite cautious in taking new orders.

Statistic given from the store keepers, 30 boxes of Hot Wheels opened, 30 T-hunt, 15 Exotic Ferrari Enzo, 5 Black Ferrari FXX and not more than 5 Tooned Ferrari Enzo were found.

I'm not deny that, there are possibility some insiders have 1st reach to the stocks, this have made these Ferrari impossible display on shelf.

The present market price for Blue Enzo is RM15, Red and Black FXX is RM20 and Tooned Enzo not more than RM25.

To me, it is considered lucky day for me to have all these at once. Going forward, market is getting slower to have new wave. By then, my neck is getting longer to wait for next better collections. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Yeo. You've just get big score. The red FXX is so great.

Toycarsmy said...

Thanks Tom. You always be the 1st person comment my blog.

Paanjang16 said...

What are the statistic for the other cars? Like the infamous dragtor and blimp? To me 15 Exotic Blue Ferrari is like only 1 out of 2 boxes have the car!! If you buy a case and it does not come with it then tough luck! Granted T-hunts are rare, but I wonder if those guys at Mattel ever thought about which cars can sell and which cars will NOT sell. This is not like say Pokemon Trading card game or Magic the gathering where the manufacturer can make some stuff really hard to find, this is something like commercial goods where the goal is to satisfy the greatest demand and make $$$ of profit. Having lots of Dragtors/ugly cars stuck at retail is not the goal of someone like Mattel who wants the stock to move very fast. Atleast Hasbro now is flooding the market with BB08s that used to be Ultra rare and a real scalper's target.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yeo,

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Eugene T. said...

yeah i agree these cars are extremely hard to find. to be able to actually see them on the shelves require some effort. i just saw two blue enzos on the rack that day. lucky! no hunts, tooned enzos or fxxs in sight anymore tho. hopefully more waves will pick up after this!

Safdar Ali said...

Great job you have. So amazing. These cars are hard to find but you did it.

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