Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Customized Tomica: Hummer H2

This H2 looks superb with the blink rims on it. It took me one hour to make it done.

The modification is not straight forward like Fit 2008. Where the rims and rods from original car doesn't fit into Tomica body.

It was a challenge to me to shape everything to fit in nicely. At least the result is beyond my expectation, and the suspension feature still functional.

So, finally the world 1st Tomica Hummer H2 rubber tyres is here. YeoCP//

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uglybystander said...

Bro, where u get the wheels? from which donor car?

very nice..!!


Toycarsmy said...

from some unfamous brand, wanted to get Jadatoys, but sayang a bit.

Anonymous said...

It looks so wonderful....